A Bridge to the Sun Posted 1.4.14

I wrapped up a real estate shoot in record time the other day after I did some upgrades that really sped up my setup process. I’ve now got my video monitor mounted to my remote and a tactical shoulder bag that allows me to swap my batteries faster and be more mobile than ever before when I’m on site. This was a huge blessing, because it meant I wrapped up my shoot with about 30 minutes left of daylight on a rare blue sky Ohio winter day and I didn’t want to waste it, so I hit the road and headed up to a really picturesque bridge on Home Road in Powell, Ohio that crosses the Olentangy River. I wanted to capture the evening sky reflecting its brilliant colors off of the river water and ice.

Wanna check it out yourself? Here’s some directions. http://bit.ly/19VuLfn

Aerial Photography of Bridge in Powell, Ohio

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